1Parents are requested to bear in mind that the school attaches great importance to building a sound character in students. They are expected to co-operate with the school authorities by making their children understand that a well ordered and disciplined way of life is as important at home as in school. Parents should supervise their lessons, and take an active interest in the activities of the school.
2a ) Parents are informed that occasional reports from teachers are made in the school diary and they are requested to sign them.
b) A fine of Rs.100 will be charged if the student loses the School Diary or Badges.
3a) Absence from school even for a day must be noted in the “Student’s Leave Application Form” given in the School Diary. If absence lasts for more than three days the application for leave must be made to the respective coordinator accompanied by relevant certification of the same.
b) If a child has an infectious disease parents should keep the child at home till he/she recovers. A medical Certificate and Fitness Certificate must be Submitted on return
c) Students who are absent on the first and last day of any term, or who are away from school for five consecutive days without permission, may have their names removed from the register, and will be re-admitted only if there is a vacancy and on payment of the admission fee. In all cases of leave of absence, prior permission from the Principal should be obtained, except in case of unforeseen circumstances, for which an authenticated reason should be furnished by the parent or guardian, However, granting of leave is entirely up to the discretion of the Principal. If a student from class X or XII is absent, he/she has to meet the Principal/Coordinator along with his/her parents on the day of his/her return Long leave from school for marriage, vacation, family functions , will be sanctioned only by the principal. Leave from school must not be prefixed or suffixed to school holidays.
4Parents are requested to refrain from requesting for permission to take their wards out of school during school hours for flimsy reason. If the ward are found unwell or unusually tired they must be allowed to rest at home.
5Change in the address or telephone number of parents or guardians must be intimated to the school in writing and without delay.
6When communicating with the principal, parents are requested to mention in their letter the Class, Section and Admission No. of their child/children.
a) Parents are welcome to visit the school and meet the teacher after school hours (2.30) with prior permission of the Principal or Coordinators. Any clarifications relating to academics, if any, may be made either to the coordinator or teachers.
b) Parents can meet teachers every month on a Saturday specified in the Academic planner of the school diary. Parents may meet teachers in their respective classrooms.
7a) The school reserves the right to suspend or to take strict disciplinary action against a student whose diligence or progress in studies is constantly unsatisfactory or whose conduct is harmful to other students.
b) The observation of rules of discipline of the school and good behavior is an essential condition to a student’s continuance in the school. In case a student violates the school rules or indulges in any form of indiscipline, strict action like expulsion/suspension/rustication shall be taken against the student.
c) Student are strictly forbidden to bring or burst crackers in the school and to introduce objectionable literature and other such material into the school. Strict disciplinary action will be taken against the student found doing so.
8Whenever excursions and picnics are organized by the school, maximum participation by students is expected. All outing are under the supervision of school staff.
9a) The school is not responsible for goods lost. Therefore, it is not advisable to bring expensive items like watches, fountain pens, gold or silver ornaments, friendship bands any other in the class room or changing room.
b) Students are not permitted to wear any jeweler (eg. Chains, rings, bangles, bracelets etc.) Girls may wear one pair of small earrings or studs. Religious symbols if worn should not be obvious.
10Fine of any kind or collection or sale for any purpose whatsoever required the prior sanction of the principal.
11Presents to members of the staff or other demonstrations in their honor also required the principal’s prior sanction
12Mobile phones, i-Pods, MP3 Players, Pen drives etc. are strictly forbidden in the school campus. Parents must ensure that their wards do not bring mobile phones to school. If you ward is found carrying a mobile phone etc. the same will be confiscated and will not be returned. In case of emergency, a student may approach the school office to speak to his/her parent with a permission from the coordinator.
13Any electronic device that can be used for communication /photography/Recording is strictly forbidden .
14Celebration of birthday parties are not permitted


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